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Superlative indexes on time, every time


Oxford University Press:

  • Losing Our Minds: Effects of Chemical Pollution on the Intellectual Capacity and Mental Health of Future Generations
  • Death Before Dying
  • Goodwin and Guze's Psychiatric diagnosis, 6/e
  • Implicit Motives
  • Then A Miracle Occurs: Focusing On Behavior In Social Psychological Theory and Research
  • On Behalf of Others: The Psychology of Care in a Global World
  • Learning By Playing
  • The Escape of the Mind
  • The Two Selves
  • The Sense of Agency
  • Yale Textbook of Public Psychiatry
  • The Open Door: Homelessness and Severe Mental Illness in the Era of Community Treatment
  • Trust in Social Dilemmas
  • The Roots of Modern Psychology and Law
  • The Moral Punishment Instinct
  • Cultural Constructions of Identity
  • Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain
  • Neurobiology of Personality Disorders
  • Positive Evolutionary Psychology
  • Moral Development and Reality: Beyond the Theories of Kohlberg and Hoffman, 3/e
  • Clinical Neuropsychology and the Psychological Care of Persons with Brain Disorders

Oxford Handbooks:

  • Language Production
  • Identity Development
  • Molecular Psychology
  • Food, Politics and Society
  • Political Consumerism
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse
  • Psychotherapy Integration, 3/e
  • Behavioral Interventions in Schools
Cambridge University Press:
  • Learning with Animations
  • Creativity in Science
  • Developmental Psychology and Social Change
  • Order on the Edge of Chaos: Social Psychology and the Problem of Social Order

John S. Wiley:

  • Conservation Psychology: Understanding and Promoting Human Care for Nature 2/e

Your Child's Weight, Kelcy Press